Are You Okay
(based on a true story)

Kiley acted always as the sweetest dog. She wouldn’t hurt a fly. The  day she got hit wasn’t even being abnormal. She persisted acting as she always had and so did everyone else.

I was in second grade during one of my street’s many parties of the years, and this one was for Halloween like we did every year. It was normal, with small children running up and down the street.

After about an hour of the party, a person in a yellow jeep with a glossy paint job drove down the road. It’s color was something like a lemon.

“Why don’t they ever party with us?” I wondered to myself.

Later that night, I asked my friends, “You guys want me to go get my dogs?”
Because they wanted me to, I went and got out my dogs Coconut and Kiley. Coconut was a small dog with completely white fur. Her fur was kind of curly, and she was really yippy, so she would bark at anything.
My other dog was Kiley. She was a majestic mix of a German shepard which gave her her brown and black fur. Also, part shetland sheepdog which gave her some white fur and her long wavy fur.

Coconut played with us for a while while Kiley was hanging out with my parents near where the food was.

I always wondered, “How did Mom find Kiley,” because she was so calm.

Suddenly, Coconut escaped from my brother while he was playing with her and when to chase a squirrel.

“Come back!” we screamed at her while we were chasing her.

After we caught her we put her back inside. However Kiley kept going back and forth in between my parents after my dad went to go set up a movie for us. The other kids and i tried to tempt her to play with us.

“Come on Ki Ki, come on girl,” I commanded her.

Finally I got her to follow me. After she told my dad goodbye, she started to follow me across the street. When I  made it across the street, I turned around and out of the corner of my eye I saw it. It was the yellow jeep coming fast and Kiley was in the middle of the road!

Time seemed to slow down. I couldn’t think straight.

My mom went out next to the road and started screaming at the jeep “STOP!” however, all the jeep did was slow down.

It hit her with a “SMACK!”

I was so angry! I couldn’t think of why they were driving so fast! We even had signs that told to slow down!

Suddenly I saw her lift herself off the ground. She quickly came running over to the door of my house. Every child drown her with hugs and kisses. We asked her “are you okay girl!?” since all thought we had lost her, but she was okay.
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