Week 6
 I have enjoyed commenting on peoples blogs because it is nice to get feedback back and know the blogger is listening. I have found it annoying on how formal we have to be in a comment. I wish I could talk to them as if they were talking to me in real life. I've found some interesting posts by just looking for people with common interests. I can help these people or sometimes they can help me. I haven't been getting many comments but the ones I have gotten are really good.

I agree, try adding, I also am quite interested, and you should also make are all good comment starts

Activity 1
Images and Attributions/Creative Commons

From watching this video I learned that not all images/videos on the internet are free to use. In fact, most aren't. Anything that is free to use however you want goes under the public domain. Some people will license their image off of creative commons which allows them to decide what happens to their images. If if they do not do anything to their picture it will be automatically Copyright and nobody can use it.

Activity 3

Image result for "mountain"

Climb the Mountian high,
Must get to the other side,
up the Mountian high.

Activity 4

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